About Ready-to-use MT

Experience the benefits of MT immediately! With our Ready-to-Use MT systems, users can translate specific texts from several key industries in multiple language pairs. Get started today!

Simply select your domain, choose your language pair, and start translating words, phrases, or even entire documents.

Our Ready-to-Use MT systems were customized with industry-specific documentation and glossaries from the Tilde Data Library. Customization ensures significantly higher translation quality for domain-specific texts than generic online translation services.

Ready-to-Use MT is ideal for companies that frequently translate industry-specific texts such as technical documentation, legal regulations, user manuals, and product descriptions. The system can be integrated into the user’s platforms using the Translation API.

Professional translators who regularly work in specific domains can also benefit from Ready-to-Use MT, with the option to translate online or directly in their CAT tools.

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